The Ultimate Guide On How To Clean Carpet In Businesses And Homes

by Kara Richards on May 1, 2019


If you have carpeting in your home, you no doubt want to keep it clean, because grimy, smelly
carpet can make your whole house feel dirty and uncomfortable.


Are you a carpet person? Do you enjoy feeling a soft, clean carpet underneath your bare feet?
To me, it just feels like home.

It doesn’t matter If it’s a super plush, thick pile, shag carpet or a beautiful hand-woven Berber,
carpet makes a home warmer and cozier, that is, if it’s clean.

Whether you have children with muddy feet, animals who have accidents or you live alone and
just like to keep a clean, fresh smelling home, then you are no doubt familiar with carpet
cleaning issues.

There are many things to keep in mind when tackling the job including knowing the fiber your
carpet is made of, the texture of the carpet and how much traffic the area gets. In this article on
how to clean carpet, we get into these issues and more. Coming up next are the best tips on
how to clean the carpet in your home.

Basic Carpet Cleaning Tips

Below are the tips and tricks for cleaning the carpet the best possible way.


Ultimate Guide On How To Clean Carpet In Businesses And Homes

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The most important tool you can use to clean your carpet is a good vacuum; this will remove
loose dirt and soil present from daily use.

Depending on how much and what type of traffic that your carpet has will dictate how often you
want to vacuum. If you have a family that goes in and out several times during the day, you will
want to run the vacuum over your carpet daily, and do a thorough job once a week.

Before you begin vacuuming, be sure to pick up anything that may damage your vacuum, such
as paper clips, hair pins, and similar items. Then run your vacuum in such a pattern that you
know you covered the entire area.

A criss-cross pattern works very well as it cleans in several directions. Going over the same
area multiple times will be necessary if you have a pet that sheds to ensure you get up as much
pet hair as possible.

Spot Treating

Ultimate Guide On How To Clean Carpet In Businesses And Homes

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After vacuuming you want to spot treat stains before your steam clean or shampoo your carpet,
You can use store bought products to clean these areas, or you can use a more natural
approach with vinegar and hot water.

No matter which you choose, be mindful of the type of carpeting you have. Test an
inconspicuous area to ensure that the method you will use is safe for your carpet and will not
permanently damage it.

Dampen the spot with the vinegar mixture or the chemical cleaner, wait a few moments then
working from the outside of the spot in, blot carefully using a clean white cloth. You don’t want to
use a scrub brush or anything with stiff bristles as these could potentially damage your carpet.

This process may need to be repeated several times to get out tough blemishes or old stains.

Most of the new carpets today are stain resistant. However, stain resistant does not mean stain
proof. Spills happen. While it is best to clean these accidents immediately, this is not always
possible so stains can set in and be more difficult to remove.

Vinegar is a great way to clean old stains, and it is safe on most carpet fibers, just repeat the
above process until you are satisfied with the result.

Steam Cleaning Or Shampooing

Ultimate Guide On How To Clean Carpet In Businesses And Homes

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Shampooing or steam cleaning your carpet regularly will increase the life of your carpet. You
can do this yourself rather easily, or you can choose to hire carpet cleaning experts to come in
and do the job. Either way, there are some important tips to follow to have a successfully
cleaned carpet.

Renting a carpet cleaner is a great way to do it yourself without the expense of buying a
shampooer. Most grocery stores rent these out to customers at a moderate fee. These are fairly
easy to use. Again you can use a chemical cleaner, or choose to use vinegar and hot water
once again.

You may choose to remove all of the furniture from the room, or just clean the high foot traffic
areas. Run the cleaner slowly ensuring that you allow the cleaner to suck all of the dirty water
back into the machine.

Dump this dirty water down the toilet; this takes the wash water to the sewer which will go to a
treatment facility to clean and treat it before it goes back out to our environment.


Ultimate Guide On How To Clean Carpet In Businesses And Homes

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If you have hired a professional carpet cleaning service to come do the job, you can request that
they use blowers to dry your carpet after they clean it. This usually involves a large hose
attached to a van with industrial strength fans that will literally blow your carpet dry rather

If you have done it yourself, first you will want to make sure that you have gone over the carpet
sufficiently to allow the machine to remove most of the water. This will help the carpet to dry

Open windows, turn ceiling fans on high and if you have them, place box fans or oscillating fans
to blow directly on the wet carpet. Even turning your air conditioner to a higher setting can help
dry the carpet faster.

One important thing to keep in mind if you walk on the damp carpet, be very mindful when
stepping from the carpet to a tile or wood floor as you can easily slide and fall. It is surprising
how slippery your feet can get, so be careful!

Cleaning Carpets In Businesses

Ultimate Guide On How To Clean Carpet In Businesses And Homes

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If you own a business that has carpeting, or if you are responsible for cleaning a carpet for a
business, there are some things to keep in mind to be effective in the task.

Depending on the foot traffic, you will need to establish a cleaning regimen that will sufficiently
keep the carpet not only looking great but extend its life.

Thorough vacuuming daily can cut down on wear and tear from dirt and debris that gets ground
in as customers and employees come through the area.

Have readily available cleaning supplies in case of spills throughout the day. This should include
clean white cloths, your cleaning solution using either the vinegar and water mixture or a
chemical product. Also, either inform employees how to spot clean, or have instructions posted
with the cleaning supplies.

Once you have decided on carpet cleaning needs, choose how often you wish to you have the
carpets professionally shampooed or steam cleaned. Set a repeating schedule with a reputable
company to come in and complete the task on the agreed upon times.

Being aware of the appearance of your carpet, and taking responsible steps to take care of it is
the best way to extend the life of the carpet in your business, which in the long run will save you

Cleaning Carpets In Homes

Ultimate Guide On How To Clean Carpet In Businesses And Homes

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Unless everyone who enters your home removes their shoes, you will no doubt have dirt, mud,
and some pretty nasty germs tracked into your home.

Carefully and meticulously vacuuming every day, paying the closest attention to high foot traffic
areas, will get most of the dirt, dust, and debris out of your carpet.

Shampoo or steam clean your carpets at least once a year, more often if you have dogs that
shed, kids that run in and out, or if you or someone in your house works in an environment that
can track in grease, grime or germs.

Tips And Trick

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Today’s families are so busy with school, work and extracurricular activities that some things get
pushed down the list of priorities.

Cleaning your carpet can easily become one of those things. It can seem a daunting task if you
put it off and you look up one day to find a filthy carpet. How did that happen? Easily. But here
are a few great ideas for getting and keeping your carpets clean quickly and easily.

Clean up spills immediately after they happen using the spot cleaning methods listed above.
This will cut down on the amount of work and scrubbing you will have to do if the mess sits for a
long period of time.

Even a quick vacuuming over high traffic areas is better than not doing it at all. If you just cannot
do this daily, try to get it done a few times a week. Vacuuming alone can really cut down on the
wear and tear of your carpet.

Have everyone who enters your home remove their shoes. You can put a fun little sign outside

your front door along with some disposable slippers for your guests to wear when they come to

Family should remove shoes upon entering and can walk in socks or bare feet, or you could
have a set of slippers for each family member right inside the door that is only worn inside the

In Conclusion

Carpeting can make your home or business more inviting and warm feeling. It can also help
keep the temperature warm in those cold winter months.

If you have young children or babies, you can expect falls to occur, landing a fall on carpet is
much less painful and dangerous than hitting a tiny head on a hard surface such as tile or wood

Throw a couple of pillows down, and you have a cozy atmosphere to watch a movie together.
In a business setting, carpet can make the place seem more inviting than cold tile.

So keeping this wonder floor covering clean is extremely important. Maintaining a clean carpet
is not only healthier but will extend the life of the carpet.

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