Pricing Services for Your Own Cleaning Business

by Jeff W on May 27, 2009

How could someone really know what to charge for his service? In service industry, it is really hard to determine the right price that can be allocated to a specific labor or service. Since labor is an intangible commodity, one cannot really decide upon the pricing of the cost of labor hastily. But despite of that, labor pricing can still be understood even one step at a time, and so is the case for designating fees for cleaning services.

If you’re planning to be a part of the existing cleaning service industry, one thing that you can do to calculate the price of a cleaning service is to conduct a small survey of the various cleaning businesses outside your place. Ask them how much fees they charge to customers and what are their basis in determining their price. Set your own house as a concrete example and ask them how much cost it would render them if they have to clean a specific space measures with the appropriate cleaning equipment needed. Note down the most important details that they would be telling you and try to assimilate all the figures until you have come up with an idea of the appropriate pricing for your cleaning service.

Subsequently, you will need to determine your labor cost, that is, to calculate your expenses for your materials or the cleaning supplies cost. Visit or phone all the possible local stores you know and tell them that you’re planning to have a cleaning business. Canvass the different prices for cleaning supplies including cleaning tools, cleaning chemicals and solutions, and other related products. After you have already the list of all the need cleaning materials, then head straight away to the store that offers the most considerable prices.

To test the products that you bought and to estimate how much of it would be consumed in cleaning houses, you could use them on to clean on your own house. After you have used them, you can now determined how much area that a specific product or chemical solution could clean and therefore could help you determine the cost of doing your cleaning business.

Afterwards, try to conduct inspections of the various cleaning services in your own area. Evaluate the different types of cleaning services they offer and think of a possible competitive advantage you could have. For example, if you find out that there are only a number of cleaning businesses in your place, then there is a great chance that you will be at the leading edge. However, if your area has already a lot of this kind of business, then you should think of a possible advantage over your competitors. One good choice is to specialize in a specific kind of cleaning or offer an innovative service.

Finally, you also must not forget to include in the estimate other related labor costs like taxes based on the salary that you receive and other costs for the maintenance, replacement, and repair of your cleaning tools and equipment.

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