The Perfect Job Descriptions For Your Cleaning Business

by Jeff W on April 7, 2009

Like many cleaning company owners, you may have started by doing the whole thing yourself. As the company grows and you put in new cleaning accounts you will find yourself needing to hire workers. Before running that ad in the paper or putting someone on the payroll, it is important to have a job account that specifies the job responsibilities.

Think of a job explanation as a “snapshot” of the arrangement. It needs to obviously converse the responsibilities of the job as well as state the needed credentials and skills required of the candidate. Don’t dress up the job description or be too vague or you will not get the right candidates for the position. A good job description will:

* Describe the reason of the position and the workers role in your company.
* Help make it easier for you to arrange job advertisements.
* Give candidates with a basic consideration of the main errands of the position. This will help the being decide if the job is what they are look for.
* Describe what is usual in an employee’s job presentation.
* Reduce needless duplication of responsibilities among diverse positions, which will add to the overall efficiency of your cleaning business.

What should you contain in a job description?

1. Position title. If you have only single or two workers you may have only one work position such as janitorial worker or cleaning technician. As your cleaning corporation grows you may need to add lead labour and administrators.

2. The place to which the individual will report — ie: manager.

3. Lines of endorsement. This lets the candidate know there is possible for advancement within the business.

4. A title that allows for some suppleness. For instance, before listing exact job duties begin with “everyday jobs include, but are not incomplete to . . .

5. Ssynopsis of the duties and tasks of this place.

6. Required or favoured experience, education, skills, and credentials.

7. Any special needs and physical stress of the position, such as requisite to lift 50 pounds on a usual basis, standing for long periods of time, reliable carrying, etc.

8. If appropriate, a description of decision-making errands.

9. The environment the job duties will be performed in.

Remember that a job description is regarded as a legal document. Any references to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin or disabilities are illegal.

For a janitorial position (not supervisory) your summary is likely to include:

General office maintenance, including, but not limited to: trash removal; dusting; cleaning and restocking supplies in restrooms, break rooms, coffee centers; sweeping and mopping floors; vacuuming; window washing; replacing light bulbs; other duties as assigned. Specific duties may vary depending on the list of specifications required by the client at each location.

Your experience and qualifications section should indicate any specific requirements you want in a candidate; for example, office maintenance experience, knowledge of floor machines, window washing, etc.

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